Thermoplast Injection Moulding

Thermoplast Injection MouldingCompany in Ahmednagar

Thermoplast Injection Moulding Manufacturer, Supplier, and Service Provider in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra India

Integrated with modern engineering and facilities, Ikon Moulders Pvt. Ltd is leading Manufacturers, Suppliers, and Service Provider Company of thermoplast Injection moulding in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra India.Our highly expert team put their creativity and hard-work in developing different kinds of objects like cell phone cases, car door panel, toys, and many more by using Thermoplast Injection Moulding process. We ensure highest accuracy, perfect surface finishing and durability of produced objects.

By injecting plastic resin into mould, thermoplast injection moulding process is done to develop entirely functional plastic and other objects. It is also known as thermoplastic injection moulding which is the best for prototyping. At our company, we offer entire custom built services in thermoplast injection mouldingto cater wide requirements, specifications of the customers.

Materials used for Thermoplast Injection Moulding

General Resins: ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), nylon, PET (Polyester), polypropylene, PBT (Poly Butylene Terepthalate) , polyethylene, TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer), PPS (Poly Phenylene Sulphide), PES (Poly Ether Sulphide),PPO (Poly Phenylene Oxide), POM (PolyOxy Methylene0

Engineering Grade resins: lexan, noryl, valox and ultem

All the above materials are used formoulding process to give desired and proper shapes, features and designs to the plastic objects.

Top Advantages of Thermoplast Injection Moulding:

High speed – Our molding machines can produce alarge amount of parts per hour. It uses fast prototype technology that helps developers to modify designs quickly.

Surface finish – for the small and large production runs, our provided thermoplast molding process is capable to produce parts or objects with finest surface finishing.

Flexibility in design,Material and Colour – we can change design, materials and colours of pre-made parts or tools without taking any extra efforts and time.

Reduced Less labour and operational costs – our automatic tools are integrated in the machine saves additional labour and operational costs.

Applications of Thermoplast Injection Moulding:

Automotive industry, Packaging, furniture, plastic industry, rubber industry, oil & gas, paper & pulp industry, printing, textile, electronics field, toys, bottle caps, kitchen appliances etc.